Councilman Ed Iago needs to own his fondness for the Confederacy


The Confederacy remains strangely popular in some conservative circles, despite having a thing for treason and the murder of U.S. soldiers. Soldiers Magazine

Reader Dawn Harrison Butler responds to West St. Paul's Facebook fight exposes a generational split:

If you're racist, my theory is, own it, and be prepared to defend yourself, like any of us who have strong beliefs are prepared to do.

If you scuttle into the dark as soon as someone shines a light on your belief, you: 1) largely resemble a cockroach's habits and 2) you don't really believe what you say or 3) you don't want to stand up for your own beliefs, which in my book makes you a coward.

I lived in West St. Paul for 11 years and just moved. Iago is a cancer on the progress of that city, and his lil' buddies on council are heading in the same direction simply to cut good business deals.

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