Legalizing weed makes way too much sense


Making marijuana legal in Minnesota is a no-brainer from any way you look at it.

Reader Ben James Yokel responds to Minnesota State Fair poll: Majority supports recreational marijuana:

Cannabis is completely legal in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C.

28 US states have legalized cannabis for “medical use.” Uruguay and Jamaica are now completely legal.Canada will go fully legal in 2018 and Mexico is moving toward full legalization.

Cannabis prohibition criminalizes people for selecting a product that is much safer than alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. Cannabis prohibition is a ridiculous waste of police, court resources and taxpayer funds.

According to FBI statistics:

$100 billion a year is currently being spent on “black market” recreational cannabis in the USA, and all that money goes to “criminals.”

$30 billion is lost annually in potential tax revenue.

$15 billion a year is spent enforcing draconian cannabis laws that make no sense and destroy people's lives.

Data from the Center for Disease Control shows that cannabis is much safer than booze or tobacco.

Legalize, regulate and tax!


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