Shocking news: St. Cloud residents actually like a politician


Dave Kleis, the politician who takes the novel approach of not hiding from his constituents. Leila Navidi

Reader Peter K Nyblom responds to St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis has held more than 600 town hall meetings. Here's why:

I've lived in St Cloud for 25 years. Dave has been mayor for most of that.

I would run into him at several events through the year, even some that you would think, "Why is the mayor here?"

I saw him roll into a Lake George event on his 12 speed, in biking clothes and helmet. He stopped at a food trailer, got a drink and hot dog, and proceeded to talk with me and other folks like he was our neighbor.

He also was intrumental in getting the St. Cloud Skate Plaza built. How did he do it? By appointing an 11-year-old kid to the parks and rec board.

The man is pure genius. I hope he never leaves the post. Great work, Dave! Keep it up! 


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